Mental Health Difficulties

Hey everyone,

I spoke in a previous post about getting as much knowledge as posssible because that will allow you to become great at anything and everything that you do, but that also applies to being good with people. I suffer greatly from mental illness (bipolar disorder) and there are times that my life crumbles right before my eyes, So what do I do when I feel symptoms coming on? I let life crumble before my eyes just as it wants to.

I found that during my time being faithful, that I have very little control over many circumstances, except how I feel towards them. I have control over most things that I feel, but I have no control over the events that happen. This is extremely important to know because it simplifies life and gets rid of unecessary anxiety. Now that I’m on this topic of not being in control of events, I was suddenly stricken with extreme depression and sucidial thoughts (to the point that I couldn’t move from my bed for many hours), but instead of fighting it and supressing it, I let it have it’s time to shine for those hours. You might ask why I do that? I do that for two reasons: The first is because this illness is part of me and the best way for me to deal with my emotions is to let them have their say before I do anything and the other reason is because it shortens the time of suffering. If I supress the feelings, it can go on for weeks, but when I let it go on at maximum strength for a few hours it doesnt come back to me for many weeks. During those weeks, there is not a single hint of suffering, but joy and happiness.

The point of all this is we need to find our own version of therapy, but also for those who are more blessed in life, it’s your duty to support those who are undergoing difficulties in the way THEY need it and not the way YOU think they need it. Sometimes, we don’t want a therapist or a psychiatrist or more meds, we just want some human contact and someone who cares about us for our sake. Sometimes we don’t want to nurture, but to be nurtured. Think about these things when you deal with just about anyone so it removes judging them and love as the Lord love us.

Have a wonderful day!

When You Lose Christ, Seek Him Until You Find Him

Hey everyone,

I decided to do another post today since I felt the need to expand a little more on what I said in the post “When things get tough.”

A little earlier today, I found myself trying to find a way out of the difficulties I’ve been undergoing with feeling depressed and trying to find motivation. The first person I go to for motivation is Christ crucified. When I went to go pray to him, I realized that I in fact had lost Christ. He was testing my love for him to see if I would go seek him. I know that I love Christ with my whole heart and everything that I am, so I went to seek him immediately upon the realization. It was difficult to keep up the prayer, but I wanted to find him so badly that I pushed through until the end of my prayers. Shortly before I finished, I felt the love of Christ fill my heart and the words resounding were “You have found me, my child. I’m glad you sought for me out of the love I poured into your heart.” I was overjoyed upon hearing this and I felt I had to share this feeling with the world becuase of the beauty of it.

My friends, the moral of this experience is when you lose that which you love, if you truly love it, seek it out until you have it safely in your arms again. Love is something of such great importance and if there is a soul you have true love for, never let that go.

Have a wonderful day!

When Things Get Tough

I’ve recently found myself struggling to keep up with my prayers and daily life. I’m hitting a rut and I’m losing my drive to do things. If I had to say anything it feels like I’ve burnt myself out. I want to do things, but I don’t have the drive to do them. What do I do?

These are the things I’ve been telling myself and questioning what I should do. For two days I’ve been struggling to keep up with daily life and I’ve been pretty depressed. In times like these, even I struggle to find out what to do, so I do what I always do which is meditate and pray in front of Christ crucified even though that’s an extremely difficult task in itself.

When I find myself praying and meditating, I can barely go longer than 5 minutes before I have to stop and relax. I realize that this is the sign of some change and that the way I’ve been doing things isn’t the way to go anymore. That’s the most important part to realize about these times of dryness or burnout, When we as people get into too much of a routine, we get burnt out and tired of the boringness of life so we require some change. If you ever find yourself in these situations, change up the way you do things, whether that be the order or timing of things, and find a way to inspire yourself to do those things you love again.

As usual, I find these thimgs out through my prayers and meditations and even in that short 5 minutes, I poured my heart out to God and this is the answer he gave me. So, my dearest friends and readers, if you are ever in a tough situation, find time to pray to Christ crucified by pouring out your feelings to him and crying to him about what’s going on. There’s no harm or shame being a human and feeling things so by all means share that with him!