The First Steps to Perfection as a Secular Catholic

Hey everyone!

I don’t want to draw this out very long, so I’ll be keeping my posts short and sweet, but containing enough information to keep you advancing in perfection!

The first step to attain to perfection is building a foundation in Christ crucified by spending time with him. In a relationship, you get to know someone more and more over time and it is no different in a relationship with Christ. A practice to get you started – and a practice that can be carried until the end of your days – is to spend 5 minutes a day (preferably in the morning) and meditate on Christ crucified. Speak to him and prepare yourself for the day to come. Let your feelings out to him whether you’re happy or sad, angry or fearful, let him know your concerns and feelings and ask him for assisting you in your day.

Over time, you’ll find yourself being drawn to these short sessions and probably making them longer, however, the most important thing here is to speak with Christ as a friend and a benefactor. Someone who will help you, so don’t be afraid to speak to him with all of your troubles since you know it’s between you two.

Anyway, I hope you all find a little time to spend with Christ and to share the love he gives to you with your neighbors since our neighbors are the gateway to how we treat God!

“Love your neighbor as yourself” Mark 12:31