Virtue: Always Tested By Time

Hey everyone,

I have a yearning to write about virtue seeing that it’s the most gorgeous qualities any one human can have. There are many virtues so I will not cover any single one of them (at least right now), but I want to cover them as whole and how you will know when you have them yourself.

The simplest and most effective way to see if you truly have virtues is the test of time. Virtue is not, “I worked out for three hours today!” but never working out again after that. Virtue is when you work out for 20 minutes, but you keep doing it every day and increase more and more every day. Virtues grow with you like a child and you have to nurtue it and feed it so it grows healthy. So what actually feeds and grows virtues at all? The answer is simple as always, love grows virtue, but you might ask how is that possible?

Love nurtues virtue just as the sun, with it’s splendid light, gives life and growth to all plants and in turn all things of the earth. Love allows one to constantly strive to become more perfect every chance they get and if one does not strive to become truly perfect, they have no love. Now, this love is pertaining to an individual towards themselves. It is important to feed and nurture yourself with this love so that you can become a perfect individual in the way God designed for you which is to share your perfection with people that you gained in Christ and allow them to gain that perfection for themselves. This love you gained from Christ constantly feeds you and tells you, “become perfect my friend, be more patient in difficult times, be courageous when people persecute you, love your neighbors and help those in need.” This is what love tells you and so virtue is grows.

With love, which is the very essence of God and of the faith, I want you all to practice nurturing you virtues and to constantly strive to become more perfect. There are always set-backs and difficulties during these times, but true virtue, nurtured by love, is never stopped until the last of your days.

Have a wonderful day!


Secular Theology: The Resurrection

Hey everyone,

While I was meditating today, I found myself seeking more knowledge of Christ. I wanted to expand on the appreciaton of the beauty of him as much as possible and I ended up meditating on the resurrection which I wish to share with you now.

I realized how great faith his disciples must have had! This was the first thing that came to mind was how difficult it must have been to trust Jesus that he was going to resurrect himself from the dead! Imagine you were in their situation and Jesus told you before his death, that he was going to die and in three days he was going to raise from the dead. Firstly, we need to understand that something of that magnitude has never happened in the history of the earth and to this day it hasn’t happened again. The disciples were placed in a situation where they had to trust Jesus, who were still fresh in the faith, who they gave up their lives for, that he would do something that has never happened. It just amazes me at the difficulty of that situation and I admire them so much for staying together during that time. Now, the question arises, how was this actually possible? Both of Jesus and the disciples?

The answer is extremely simple and that answer is love. You will notice that many of the blog posts I do are oriented around love because that is the essence of our faith. So for Jesus’ resurrection, it was an act done out of pure love, not only for giving us eternal life after letting our old sinful self be crucified so we can resurrect into pure beings of God, but also for coming back to those who served him during his time on earth. How happy would you be if a loved one that you watched die with your own eyes came back to you in the flesh? Think of the feelings that would be running through you, the shock, the happiness, the loss of words, these are the feelings the disciples felt when they saw Jesus for the first time after his death and resurrection. Ah! now we can see the pure love the disciples had for their master. Not only did they give everything up, but they had faith and waited for him until he did what he told them he would do. Beautiful beyond belief! I always love seeing pure love in action and I love the feelings it inspires!

My friends, find time to share the love that Christ has for us with all those around you. Not just friends and family, but those who are really in need and you, being a good christian, help them since that’s where we shine! Through Christ’s resurrection we have been given eternal life so don’t worry about yourself, but worry about those who live without him.

Have a wonderful day friends!

Secular Theology: Sin

Hey guys,

I wanted to cover an important aspect of theology that I found is underlooked in the church today and that is sin.

So what is sin?

The first important question regarding sin is what it actually is. In simplicity, sin is a malicious act done against God by our own free-will. Another way to put is it that when we sin, we take away something valueable to someone by our own choice. Now, before I continue, I need to cover how we actually sin against God seeing that it’s often misunderstood.

God is infinte in nature and by that we cannot add or take away from him. If you have ever studied any math in depth you will know that what I say is logically correct since infinity has no beginning or end, thus goes on forever in all ways. With that knowledge, and also the knowledge that we sin by taking something valueable away from someone, we cannot logically sin against God. So how do we sin if this is the case? The answer to this is that we sin through our neighbor. We can add or take away from them, and by saying this, we say that we sin against God thourgh our neighbor. However, it is improtant to note that those who believe in God sin in a much more magnified aspect than those who do not. This is the case because when you have knowledge of what is truly good and what is truly evil, you are held more responsible for your actions than those who don’t know it well if at all. What we can deduce from this is that the more knowledge you have of God and yourself, the more likely you are to sin, but also the less likely you are to sin because of that knowledge.

Regarding this idea, I am going to explain the actual graivty of sin seeing that that’s often misunderstood as well. I will say it plain and simple, that sin is a malicious action that is infinte in nature. You might be asking how is that possible? The answer is what I said in the last parahraph. God is infinite in nature so when we sin against him through our neighbor, our sin gets magnified by infinity too, hence why I said the more knowledge you have, the more likely you are to sin and also the more grave your sin is. Now, you might be horribly mad at me for giving you this knowledge, but I promise that what I will bring you with that knowledge will give you the greatest joy as it did for me, but first I must cover the most difficult aspect, which is regarding the just punishment for sin.

The proper and just punishment for sin, seeing that sin is infinte in nature, will also have to be infinite, but not just in time (as hell is), but also in pain and all other aspects the mind can comprehend and cannot comprehend. The only just punishment I have been able to come up with is that the origin of sin and the source (namely humans) need to be erased to have proper atonement. What I mean by erased, is never being born, never being conceived and never being conceived in the mind of God. To have a truly just punishment, we should have never been conceived in the master of creation’s mind and this world and universe should have never existed. Clearly this is not the case, so what actually happened?

With the coming of Jesus Christ, his passion and death on the cross, he erased the origin of sin, but not the one who committed it. He erased original sin in all humans rather than humans themselves because he loves us so much that he couldn’t bare the thought of us not existing anymore. This my friends, is true love. He gave up his life for our sake when he didn’t have to just so he could give us the easiest possible way to enjoy eternal happiness with him. The entire conception of Jesus was an act of love all the way until his ascension into heaven. How great and beautiful is this! I cannot believe that such a good God has blessed us in this beautiful way and as I told you, that the knowledge of sin will bring the greatest joy to you and that joy is Jesus Christ!

I hope this long entry will be helpful to many of you and that you may strive to love Jesus Christ more and more everyday!