When Things Get Tough

I’ve recently found myself struggling to keep up with my prayers and daily life. I’m hitting a rut and I’m losing my drive to do things. If I had to say anything it feels like I’ve burnt myself out. I want to do things, but I don’t have the drive to do them. What do I do?

These are the things I’ve been telling myself and questioning what I should do. For two days I’ve been struggling to keep up with daily life and I’ve been pretty depressed. In times like these, even I struggle to find out what to do, so I do what I always do which is meditate and pray in front of Christ crucified even though that’s an extremely difficult task in itself.

When I find myself praying and meditating, I can barely go longer than 5 minutes before I have to stop and relax. I realize that this is the sign of some change and that the way I’ve been doing things isn’t the way to go anymore. That’s the most important part to realize about these times of dryness or burnout, When we as people get into too much of a routine, we get burnt out and tired of the boringness of life so we require some change. If you ever find yourself in these situations, change up the way you do things, whether that be the order or timing of things, and find a way to inspire yourself to do those things you love again.

As usual, I find these thimgs out through my prayers and meditations and even in that short 5 minutes, I poured my heart out to God and this is the answer he gave me. So, my dearest friends and readers, if you are ever in a tough situation, find time to pray to Christ crucified by pouring out your feelings to him and crying to him about what’s going on. There’s no harm or shame being a human and feeling things so by all means share that with him!

Knowledge in Christ

Hey everyone,

Many of these blogs will be sparked from meditations and thoughts I had and one that really stuck with me yesterday was about knowledge and I mean knowledge in a general sense, but that it’s rooted in Christ.

To explain with a story, I used to do a bit of break-dancing when I was in high school, but I have lost the drive to do it for many years, but it’s come back recently. When I started to do it again yesterday I asked myself, how does dance link up with music? I asked this question because I play a few instrument and know quite a bit about music theory. So with this question in mind, I started to dance to songs I danced to in high school and I found myself using my body as I would play an instrument. I would put my part in the song and improv on whole notes, half notes, thirds, 16ths, etc. I was so excited to see how cool and fluid my dancing was and I learned something I never figured out in high school. I understood that the knowlege I had in other fields was key to becoming knowledgable in dance.

This is an important point to realize, firstly, that knowledge is proportionate to how much you can do (and do well) and secondly, how knowledge is rooted in Christ. I know the knowledge rooted in Christ seems random, but I have strong point about this which in fact led me to the possibility to realize what I did about dance and music.

What Christ taught me through many prayers and meditations was how to question the knowledge I had and was gaining. I learned to ask questions about all things and to wonder how to perfect myself in all aspects of life. I always wanted to be perfect and great in my life and I found that in Christ by asking questions. When you have solid foundation in Christ and trust him and the dogmas of the church which are ruled by him because you understand why they are the way they are in the first place, you start applying the same techniques to every day life. If you are wanting to become a saint, but a secular, you always must strive for knowledge, not just in Christ, but all things IN Christ.

Anyway guys, I hope this article helped inspire you to always seek knowledge. First seek it in Christ and then seek it for all other things!

Building Confidence in Christ

Hey everyone,

I was doing a meditation today and I found I was lacking in confidence so I started meditating and I have some things I want to share with you regarding that.

Firstly, I want to cover how confidence is built and gained. When someone is confident or trying to become confident (usually in themselves) they seek to acheive something or accomplish a goal. However, we need to note that someone must provide a reward for the acheivement whether that be yourself or someone else. Reward is engraved in us at a very young age and provides people with a drive and motivation to succeed and do well, however, the question I wish to ask is what happens when things don’t fall through the way they usually do? I mean that when you were supposed to get a reward, but you didn’t or you failed at what you wanted to accomplish due to unforseen cicrumstance? How can we be truly confident if we can’t entirely rely on someone or even ourselves?

The simple answer is to place your confidence in someone who has control and will always provide when needed. Someone we can rely on for all things and at all times. If you can’t see where I am getting at, it is Christ that we should build our confidence in.

For most of my life I struggled with confidence to the point that I couldn’t even speak in front of people in class to answer a question. I would just sit there quietly when the teacher asked me and couldn’t open my mouth and if I did, my face would turn tomato red and I’d stutter and be extremely quiet. When I started relying on the infinite abyss of confidence which is Christ, I never felt let down anymore and I always found myself succeeding in things I never thought I could AND getting rewarded for it.

My friends, turn to the Blessed Mother, the apostles and all the saints. Do you think they were ever let down for their belief in Christ? Do you think they ever lost their confidence in all things believing in Him? No, it’s quite the contrary. It’s through disbelief and lack of faith that their confidence was shattered.

To end this, if any of you are lacking in confidence or looking to build it, find time to meditate on Christ crucified by starting at him, looking into the most beautiful mirror of love, for 5 minutes in the morning and really focusing on trusting him. You might find your gaze straying away from him, but do your best to keep your eyes fixed on him. This takes time as with all things since you are developing trust, but I guarantee you, if you keep it up it’ll pay off.

Have a beautiful day everyone!

The First Steps to Perfection as a Secular Catholic

Hey everyone!

I don’t want to draw this out very long, so I’ll be keeping my posts short and sweet, but containing enough information to keep you advancing in perfection!

The first step to attain to perfection is building a foundation in Christ crucified by spending time with him. In a relationship, you get to know someone more and more over time and it is no different in a relationship with Christ. A practice to get you started – and a practice that can be carried until the end of your days – is to spend 5 minutes a day (preferably in the morning) and meditate on Christ crucified. Speak to him and prepare yourself for the day to come. Let your feelings out to him whether you’re happy or sad, angry or fearful, let him know your concerns and feelings and ask him for assisting you in your day.

Over time, you’ll find yourself being drawn to these short sessions and probably making them longer, however, the most important thing here is to speak with Christ as a friend and a benefactor. Someone who will help you, so don’t be afraid to speak to him with all of your troubles since you know it’s between you two.

Anyway, I hope you all find a little time to spend with Christ and to share the love he gives to you with your neighbors since our neighbors are the gateway to how we treat God!

“Love your neighbor as yourself” Mark 12:31