Building Confidence in Christ

Hey everyone,

I was doing a meditation today and I found I was lacking in confidence so I started meditating and I have some things I want to share with you regarding that.

Firstly, I want to cover how confidence is built and gained. When someone is confident or trying to become confident (usually in themselves) they seek to acheive something or accomplish a goal. However, we need to note that someone must provide a reward for the acheivement whether that be yourself or someone else. Reward is engraved in us at a very young age and provides people with a drive and motivation to succeed and do well, however, the question I wish to ask is what happens when things don’t fall through the way they usually do? I mean that when you were supposed to get a reward, but you didn’t or you failed at what you wanted to accomplish due to unforseen cicrumstance? How can we be truly confident if we can’t entirely rely on someone or even ourselves?

The simple answer is to place your confidence in someone who has control and will always provide when needed. Someone we can rely on for all things and at all times. If you can’t see where I am getting at, it is Christ that we should build our confidence in.

For most of my life I struggled with confidence to the point that I couldn’t even speak in front of people in class to answer a question. I would just sit there quietly when the teacher asked me and couldn’t open my mouth and if I did, my face would turn tomato red and I’d stutter and be extremely quiet. When I started relying on the infinite abyss of confidence which is Christ, I never felt let down anymore and I always found myself succeeding in things I never thought I could AND getting rewarded for it.

My friends, turn to the Blessed Mother, the apostles and all the saints. Do you think they were ever let down for their belief in Christ? Do you think they ever lost their confidence in all things believing in Him? No, it’s quite the contrary. It’s through disbelief and lack of faith that their confidence was shattered.

To end this, if any of you are lacking in confidence or looking to build it, find time to meditate on Christ crucified by starting at him, looking into the most beautiful mirror of love, for 5 minutes in the morning and really focusing on trusting him. You might find your gaze straying away from him, but do your best to keep your eyes fixed on him. This takes time as with all things since you are developing trust, but I guarantee you, if you keep it up it’ll pay off.

Have a beautiful day everyone!

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